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Movie Gallery owns us...

...and some of us like it.

6/6/06 11:46 pm - tranquil_blame

Good luck with Q2 inventory tomorrow all! I'm doing four of them over the course of the next two days. Oye.

6/2/06 05:04 am - jaydenspears - A question

Does anyone know what the name of the software is the Mega-Link is ran by?

3/21/06 07:43 pm - nekoneo

Is anyone else missing lithos for dreamer and derailed?

3/9/06 01:39 am - hemorrhagic - new member!

Crossposted in mega_journal & moviegallery!

I'm located in a store in Nova Scotia, Canada. Have been with Moviegallery since September 2004 -- spent one year as a CSA while I finished high school, have been SCSA since. We're a pretty tiny store but (I'd like to think) one of the best in our district, maybe in the region. Six employees, but one only works every other Sunday and the other is on maternity leave, so it's pretty much just four of us at the moment. We don't even have an ASM, just one SM and the rest of us are SCSA.

Yeah. I'd say that's about all I have to say. Anyone else having their hours reduced starting March 13th, or is that just our region?

2/18/06 03:38 am - jaydenspears

Hey all just another question about something that I would like some help on.
I know we get to rent the videos before their individual release dates, but can we buy them before hand also.
There are many titles that I would just as soon as buy and not even bother with renting them at all. I scanned a copy of Rent that we got to sell, and asked me if I wanted to do a presale, but then would not allow me to actually do it.
Is there a way to do it or not?


2/9/06 04:58 am - nekoneo - work work work

Yesterday was the worst… Adam and I had to drive out to BFE…. Wrightsville, which is deep in the hills of Georgia. We were summoned to help open a new store that was about the size of our living room. Well to be honest it was a “working meeting” as our DM put it. While at the meeting Jim(DM) was calling the other store managers to the back to “talk” *cough*bitch**cough* to them. I however wasn’t to concerned because my stores on point. We did 132% of our revenue goal last period *nods* Well when it was my turn to go to the back I had expected to get lecture about to NR wall being dusty or something petty like that, but he simply asked if I was willing to relocate. He told me that he was going to recommend me for a DM position. Ok, but what does that mean really? Jim told me that I can expect to see a lot more of him and to be ready because Dave is probably going to be down to look at my store again. He also said that really all this means is that when there is an opening I should expect an interview from Dave… No clue how long that will take. In the mean time Jim said he was thinking about taking on another training store manager (which he needs because I'm sick of doing the work of one but not getting paid for it). In either case its still good experience. Anywho, I think my new phone came last night but no one was here so I'm going to go pick it up today--> is excited! And now I must go work for the man.

xposed to megaljs cause ima dork.

10/20/05 11:17 am - bloodpeppermint

What's up everyone, I work at a Movie Gallery in SC. I'm suprised to find a community dedicated to people who work there!

9/20/05 11:25 pm - nekoneo


Im new to the group and thought I would say hi. I am a SM at a store in GA... A rather small store.
I was just wondering what everyone else is/was? I only started at the beginning of this month and because the stores revenue is down so far and the city is so small they kind of keep pushin me around. Any tips to get revenue up?

8/18/05 11:33 am - echoharlot

Hey, I know this is a very small community... but who cares? Hired mid-July at a Maine Movie Gallery, and getting ready to transfer (possibly) to an MG closer to home in Maine. How many of your stores sell eDRC's at the discounted price every day, not just on sale?

7/14/05 07:06 pm - i_adler - Awfully quiet...

...anyone got anything to share/say? Rants? Outrage? Joy? I'm a bit tired and braindead, myself.
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